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    Was curious if you had looked at Mongoose Traveller? I hear it is closer to the little black book traveller than Megatraveller, Traveller New Era or even FFE’s Traveller 5 – sad what the creator did with the latest one.

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    The Gamemaster

    I have looked at Mongoose v1 and v2. If I ever decided to upgrade, it would be to MTv1. MTv2 got a bit too watered down in combat and a couple other areas, IMO. MTv1 has more details on skills than CT, and less things are left to gamemaster discretion (a hallmark of almost all games since about 2005ish on, heaven forbid the DM make a judgement call rather than consult a table or rule) though not as bad as MTv2.

    My main complaint in all the later versions of Traveller is all the magic-tech…that is Nanotechnology tends to play a part in things and could easily become a deus-ex-machina solution, same with AI. Also, energy weapons start to take over, and, while I like a nice gunfight as much as the next man, I preferred the CT conceit of projectile weapons still being cheaper and more rugged than energy, and that anything over lasers was MilSpec hardware.

    I’d probably drop Nanotech, AI and the bulk of energy weapons if I ever ran MG v1 and stick closer to the classic Third Imperium.

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