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    The Gamemaster

    Now granted, for papercraft, a color laser is the ultimate, hands down. BUT those are very expensive as is the toner for them. For small projects or color handouts/maps, the Epson EcoTank ET-2750 is a good compromise.

    First, it is an EcoTank, that is, it does not use cartridges, rather built-in Ink Tanks you fill from ink bottles. Official Epson ink is in the 15-20 dollar range, black being the cheapest. Even at that cost, it is far cheaper than cartridges, plus if you print a lot of (for example) blue/cyan and that runs out in a cartridge, you toss out the cartridge losing the Magenta and Yellow ink remaining. With an EcoTank printer, you just refill the Cyan and keep going.

    Second, it is wireless so you can access it from laptops and (with the included software and downloadable app) from the internet or from a cellphone. I have not accessed the internet printing as I do not leave my PC running when I am not using it, but the wireless is easy to configure and works quite well with no drops or disconnects on two different laptops.

    Third, the printer is capable of duplex printing on plain paper, so printing a PDF manual is easy and saves paper. It handles 110# (298gsm) Cardstock as well, though not duplex. Colors are very good, I printed out an Elven Cloister model and held the pages up to the screen next to the PDF and the colors were the visibly the same. With photo paper, one can get very bright color prints.

    All in all, even with its current (purchased 12/26/18) price of $250.00, it is a definite good choice for home use as it has good print quality, is versatile (plain paper/photo paper/duplex/cardstock), cheap to operate and wireless.

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