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And now, the WP 404 error

Got to love WordPress, not ready for primetime…used everywhere.   And they sure know how to pass the buck to the hosting company.   Site has been running since 2018, and other than getting hacked and accidentally deleted by me, running fine.  Today, I discover EVERY link to an internal page returns a 404.   They are there, I can view them in WP, I can edit them, I can publish/update them….just cannot preview or view, 404 every time.

Websearch says it is one of four things, none of which apply to a managed site.    WP, if they mention it at all, quickly point the finger at the hosting company…even though users report the problem comes and goes with updates (or sometimes just randomly).  I’ll contact the host on Monday and see if they can force an upgrade to the software, or downgrade me one versions.  Until then, the homepage and gallery links (to subdomains) work, downloads, links and about creator are lost in WP 404-land.


Broken download link fixed!

A big thanks to a user who reported Cleric Spell Cards (Players Handbook version) were no longer downloading. Looks like the last auto-update to the WP Download app I use lost the share link to the file. I have restored the link and test-downloaded. Anytime a user finds a broken link like that, PLEASE let me know and I will get it repaired as soon as I can! I check the links after each upload, but the auto-update my host uses for the blog software and modules sometimes is not so good to data.

Update – New Fonts Added

I added 9 more fantasy fonts for those that like to print out handouts for their campaigns. Perhaps they can save a time-pressed DM from having to hand-write the various notes and things players find.

  • Adine-Kimberg – A nice handwritten, cursive font
  • Angerthas Moria – Tolkien’s Dwarven Runes
  • Blackletter – A solid, decorative font reminiscent of Germanic text.
  • Celtic – Knotwork decorated capitals highlight this font.
  • Fantasy Clip Art 1 & 2 – Symbols, items, monsters, etc.
  • Futhark – The original Norse runes.
  • Olde English – The mainstay of fantasy. Good for proclamations and signs.
  • Tengar Quenya – Tolkien’s Elvish script.

I have also updated the links section, adding a few more sites I have dealt with, and sections for System Neutral game accessories / software and Virtual Tabletops.

Update – Files Interface Working

A suitable file manager that can make lists here and download form Google Drive was found!  I’ve got it configured and the files are up and ready to go.   The site is now operational, only thing left to do is find a few files that I lost in the crash and upload them, then make sure I found all the 3D printing and papercraft images.

Update – Site (mostly) functional

From a technical standpoint, its working. Geoblocking program installed and working, failed login ban installed and working, robots.txt updated to stop PetalBot and Yandex bot from hammering the site with constant lookups.

From a content standpoint, the pictures I can find for both 3D printing and paper crafting are up in their respective galleries and working. The files are up, albeit crudely as read-only share to my Google Drive. I am still looking for a WordPress plugin I can use as a front-end to access them with more details. But regardless, the files have descriptive names so once again the spell cards and all the other forms are downloadable!


Progress – Uploads in Progress

The main site is streamlined and up. I have begun uploading pictures into the papercraft sections and have completed all the Diorama galleries. I will move on to the rest of the papercraft galleries, then on to the 3D ones. Had to go back and add in a Captcha plugin…Russian spammers were creating 15-20 accounts an hour. Additionally, found a plugin that allows Geoblocking, so goodbye Russia and China.

Still experimenting with a file transfer subdomain. Zen Gallery says it can handle files, but not sure how it works or if it is audio / video only. More experimentation required!

When Things Go Pear-Shaped: Website Refocus

While experimenting with subdomains and removing a gallery app, I managed to remove the main website database. And since the self-restore only works to restore existing but corrupt databases (you have to have the host restore deleted ones at $$$$), I had to rebuild.

So, with that in mind, I have decided to refocus the site, as I had been thinking of doing for quite a while now. Instead of all old or original gaming, or even a small subset of that, I am going to focus STRICTLY on the game I currently DM and will soon be playing, AD&D 1e. Also, I have become rather heavily involved in crafting for gaming (game agnostic) in the form of paper crafting and 3D printing so these will be featured here.

I will be rebuilding the files section to allow download of my AD&D 1e utility forms and cards (item and spell). May take some time, but I will have it back up eventually, so check back if you need something and do not see it up!

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