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Currently only for the Windows PC (but says coming soon for other OS’s), has released the beta of their new Application.   It will download and sync your entire purchase library, placing items into sorted folders on your machine for easy access.  CLICK HERE to download

Going to give this one a shot as I have a lot of things purchased through them.

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One thought on “Software – Drive Thru RPG Application

  • June 8, 2017 at 11:41 AM

    After a while, it bugged out on me on both the desktop and my RPG Laptop. Started showing multiple entries for the same file listed as old, showing things (Demo files) that I had deleted ages ago from my account. I contacted support, they could not fix but informed me that there was a new version in the works. After a series of email exchanges, screenshots, etc, they apologized for not being able to fix it and gave me a $10 credit! Good people, stand behind their products and programs. I will definitely install the updated version and see how it works when it is released.

    Burned the $10, and another $18 of mine, on Dave Graffam’s models, specifically finishing out my ‘Rake’s Corner’ village collection and an assortment of random buildings that would fit my upcoming little town.

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