Soon…there will be 3D Terrain….

Broke down and bought the cheap 3D printer (Anet A8) that I had been watching.  7 hours after I got the package, give or take, the kit was a full-on printer.

Next up, finding the right tape for the bed after the first prints toasted the cheap masking tape they shipped on it.   Blue painter’s tape is recommended…so I decided to spend money for the best.  Got Scotch… HOWEVER, Scotch is now cheaply made (and sold at a premium price) and slick as hell instead of the textured surface it used to have.  Needless to say, no adhesion.   So I ran to Dollar General and got a no-name roll.  Textured surface, good adhesion.

And on to the second step, leveling.   This took me ages!   And convinced me to splurge on the auto-leveling probe for the unit.  MUCH nicer letting the software calculate offsets instead of jacking with 4 screws…of which changing one somehow changes the other 3 as if by magic.

Proper surface covering, check.  Leveled, check.   Printing…not yet.  Cura, which ships with it, seems to slice prints that fail every time.  Yet the demo prints (supposedly made with Cura) print fine.   So I am in the settings twiddling phase.    But soon, I hope to have it ready to start printing Fat Dragon Games 3D Dungeon Terrain and Creatures.

(The little demo robot, prints fine every time)

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2 thoughts on “Soon…there will be 3D Terrain….

  • March 22, 2017 at 10:14 AM

    Dear Istus, but these things are PICKY! Finally, after finding a copy of the manual that DIDN’T ship with the printer (thanks, Anet!), and configuring a kiloton of settings in Cura, I got it to print a miniature figure. Very rough print, even with the layer level set to 0.15mm. Think I have traced it down to loose belt on the Y axis (X-axis, the print head, seems to move smoothly and Z is the vertical driven by screws) as it jerks slightly when changing directions.

    So tonight, going to tighten the belts on it and try the same figure again. IF I get it to print correctly, then I will change from the crap-white filament they gave me to the stone grey I purchased and attempt to run a wall or floor segment.

  • March 28, 2017 at 12:12 PM

    STILL unable to level the damned thing manually. Pretty much given up on ever getting it to work. Lesson learned, least it wasn’t terribly expensive. Next time I will wait up until I can afford a higher end unit with a sane leveling system instead of four ‘adjustment’ screws that do not really adjust crap. Anet A8 Prusa i3 is definitely a negative rating for me.

    Leastways, work is letting me use our printer with my own supplies. Not as convenient, and will take a lot longer, but I will get what I need done eventually. Now to figure out the bare-bones list of wall and floor tiles I need…probably set it to be able to do a 10×10 room with doors and call that good. Won’t be able to make entire dungeons, but can do the rooms that are important/have combat.

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