Review: Fat Dragon Games Dragonlock Terrain

3D printing has begun…

The cream-colored stone pieces are my test parts.   Created with a filament I can no longer get, I have swapped to the light grey.   All parts shown are from the Fat Dragon Games Dragonlock, Starter set and Expansions 1-3.  There are 5 more expansions I plan to get, a dungeon traps expansion, village furniture expansion and village building set.

The .STL files are well optimized, they load and cut properly in the major printing software I have tried (Cura, Slic3r, Repetier and Makerbot Desktop).    Quality of the print can vary, but that is the fault of the printer and/or the printer settings.   Fat Dragon includes a recommended settings list in PDF format and you should learn them, live them and love these settings in order to maximize print quality.

I would highly recommend Dragonlock tiles for gamers.

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