Politically-Correct gamers suck

The talkee-talkee, can’t have combat – MUST RP folks have gone even further over the bend.   NOW they are even trying to shoehorn 21st century  politically correct gender/race politics into gaming campaigns.  I just read this abomination from Reddit’s RPG subreddit.


What in the NINE HELLS are these people thinking?  You can almost FEEL the whine of college-age, politically-correct angst at a distance.   Medieval or medieval based campaigns are already stretching the reality of what they are based on.   Greyhawk (the AD&D campaign world from TSR, for the historically illiterate) already made accommodations….there were women rulers, women clergy, players could have woman characters…and races like the Suel, Flan, Bakluni and I forget the Southern Continent race name, existed and covered various racial types.   Granted, NPC’s weren’t 50/50 male/female like these Reddit PC Poseurs expect, and races were more area-specific other than occasional traders…but compared to the actual breakdown of the time period it was simulating, it was a marked improvement.

These new gamers are actually worried about how race and gender are portrayed in a GAME?    Newsflash PC goofs, put down your books, get off your asses and go protest in REAL LIFE if you feel that strongly.   Make a difference where it counts (that is, in the real world, fyi)….creating the perfect balanced, gender / race neutral campaign is a feel good…its armchair caring.   Make it count or sit the hell down and shut up.

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