More from the Social Justice Warriors ruining RPG’s…

Dragons Are for White Kids with Money: On the Friction of Geekdom and Race really speaks to the level of idiocy in the Social Justice Warrior movement that seems to be infecting role-playing of late.    Here’s a few select cuts…

“On the one hand, I can run a D&D campaign about how poorly certain races like half-elves are treated, and my group will rail against the injustice of it all, but if I bring up any real-world situation of inequality, I get the cold shoulder at best or at worst booed down and given “focus on the game” lectures.”

You should be booed down.  Keep the game in the game and RL in RL.   As a player I’d run you down too.  Same as I would if you started discussing starvation in Bangladesh, the weather in Peru or anything NOT RELATED TO THE GAME CURRENTLY BEING PLAYED.    I don’t discuss my politics or causes at games, you should not either.

“In high school in Los Angeles, I had a hard time creating a network of geeks simply because the price of entry into the geek world was too high, or my friends simply did not want to associate themselves with something so clearly “white.”  The insults that my small band of geeks endured while we played Magic: The Gathering or discussed Dragon Ball Z were pretty inventive.  Even now, some of my students snicker or laugh derisively when I make fantasy or science-fiction references, simply for the fact that, and I quote: “Dragons be for white kids with money.”

The problem is not with gaming, it is with your defective culture, placing emphasis on ‘street cred’ over everything else….including learning, as evidenced for by the piss-poor english used in that quote.   Kids like that are their own worst enemy with their clear aversion to anything not street as being white.  SJW’s coddling stupidity because the stupid person is brown is the problem….because of their own mindset they are going to fail and grow up poor and stupid…and that is what the author should be railing at instead of gaming being ‘too white’.  But like most SJW’s he takes the easy route of blaming extraneous things instead of looking for the cause.

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