Carts and More Carts

My party is actually THINKING of ways to streamline adventuring.   To cut back on trips to town and enable them to use items they know are magic faster, they hired a sage (weekly salary plus a set cost/item).  Makes a good gold sink.  With that, they hired two guards….and where to put the hirelings?   Bought an enclosed Wagon!


Paper Models of Various Carts

We are a very visually-oriented group and make use of miniatures on a battle mat for most major encounters, so one of the players is ordering a metal miniature of a wagon, and it is nice, but kinda resembles a milk wagon from the 20’s and the roof does not detach.  So I am going to build one of the two enclosed wagons and modify it so the roof detaches / doors open to allow access to the interior.  IF I can find a decent seated wizard/old man and a desk (I have some already from an old Grenadier Models miniature set, but they are really heavy and not sure the wheels will take it) I will add these to the interior for a nicer look.

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