At last….customizable figures!

UPDATED 7/11/2017 – The Hand of Glory Kickstarter is LIVE!

I pledged for the early-bird Legendary within 5 mins of getting the email notification on my phone and 50 had already pledged.  By the time I completed my pledge, I was #71 of 100 to pledge that package.    It is already fully-funded and into the ‘unlocking goals’ stage!

Take a look at this…Hand of Glory Miniatures!    No more finding the figure that looks just right, but has the wrong weapon or shield.    Hand of Glory plans a Kickstarter for a line of figures with weapons/shields held on by magnets.   So you can swap out the weapons easily, rather than major modifications to a figure.   Brilliant idea!


The Village of Rake’s Corner (In-Progress)

So far, finished half the map on foamcore board.   Need to do the other side of the river, then on to a ton of buildings.  May wall it in, not decided yet, and am considering using a couple the shore tiles from Fat Dragon along with their port module to make an add-on for a river / lake / coastal village.

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