The Village of Rake’s Corner (In-Progress)

So far, finished half the map on foamcore board.   Need to do the other side of the river, then on to a ton of buildings.  May wall it in, not decided yet, and am considering using a couple the shore tiles from Fat Dragon along with their port module to make an add-on for a river / lake / coastal village.

Here are a couple shots with a few of the Dave Graffam Models buildings and a couple from Fat Dragon.


The mill is just a temp.   I found a much better model with individual blades on the wheel.   Also plan to trim or remove the bases on some of the buildings.  Needed for strength when building, but tend to curl a bit as they age.

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2 thoughts on “The Village of Rake’s Corner (In-Progress)

  • July 2, 2017 at 4:52 PM

    Second-half of the town map completed. It dwarfs my gaming table, but once I get my buildings and walls done, it is going to be really nice. We are already looking forward to using it in my local campaign.

    Some possible uses in addition to a home base…humanoid invasion, brigands, river pirates (if I finish the port expansion). My players are looking forward to battles around buildings as well as open RP. So, off to assemble buildings!

  • August 9, 2017 at 10:15 AM

    Finished five more buildings this week. Still a lot to go, plus walls, but it is starting to come togeather. Using mostly Dave Graffam Models buildings…a couple from Lord ZseZse, Mystic Mountain Productions and a Fat Dragon or two (though have phased a few of them out in favor of slightly more detailed ones).

    If I can find a better backdrop than my work bench and wall, I will take more pictures and create an album here on the website.

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