New File: Situational Spell Load-Out Form

I created this after noticing our magic-user was making notes on notebook paper and when I asked what he was doing (since he uses the spell book I created and posted here), he told me he was doing ‘standard load-outs’ for various situations he might run into.   

When resting before going into a dungeon, he’d memorize his ‘Dungeon Load-Out’ and when travelling back to town he’d learn his ‘Wilderness Load-Out’.   So to make it easier on him, I created a form to track these load-outs.   The form has plenty of free space to add new spells as they are acquired and found useful.   It uses the same basic layout and color-scheme, so can be put in the back of the spell book as additional pages.    I did remove the logo, so it can be used by clerics and druids without confusion when they pray for their spells (different prayer lists?)

My player also uses the Spell Cards I created and posted here, and  he pulls the cards for his particular load-out so his current spells are always at hand.   It is amazing to me how much more efficiently we are playing since we are older.

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