Oh Glorious Days for Dice (and Towers)!

Just received the tracking number for the PolyHero dice I signed up for in Kickstarter over a year ago.   Originally due in May, then August, finally late November / early December, they are finally complete and shipping.   The final wait begins!  Note to PolyHero- NEVER use Chinese manufacturers, or you get year delays.


My second kickstarter, the Elder Dice polyhedrals have reached the production stage, the samples are as nice as their initial art.   In fact, rather than just the blue ‘star’ Elder Sign, I added the green and red sets to my pledge.

The Elder Dice are projected to be completed and ready to ship to the US by December 25th, then a couple weeks to get here, sorting and shipping.   So late January  – Early February time frame for delivery.   I cannot wait!


Picked up a few sets of plans for Dice Towers.  Two Western, a medieval and a sci-fi addition to my collection.   Not built them yet, but eventually they will end up on the shelf for my players to use if they like (I tend to use the wooden one my father made for me).

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