The PolyHero Wizard Dice have Landed!

A little packet of joy landed on my desk this morning….a full five days sooner than USPS estimated it would arrive.

Will have to make a few rolls with them at this weekend’s game, see how they roll and if I want to use them or just add to the collection.  Either way, is a good day.

One thought on “The PolyHero Wizard Dice have Landed!

  • Recommendations:

      1) If you are going to use these in real play, get a dice tower. They do not roll so well when tossed from a hand, but seem to roll quite well when going through the tower.

      2) Don’t use the hat d20. It spins and spins and spins and when it finally does stop, it is a bit hard to read. Maybe reserve for dramatic tension when in a dire situation.

      3) d2 books are harder to toss than a coin. For looks only.

    Overall, while not a great set for actual play, a beautiful addition to my collection. I will most likely get into the January Kickstarter for the Thief set and go back and buy the Warrior set for the collection.

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