Review: The Keep 2.0, Campaign Management Software

Pointed out to me by a reader, I have published 2 character sheets (AD&D 1e and Classic Traveller) for The Keep 2.0, and mentioned it is a campaign manager, but never discussed it.   Well, now is as good a time as any to give it a brief review.

First off, The Keep is available from NBOS Software.   It is one of a series of products, all stand-alone but designed to work together (AstroSynthesis v3 – Generate space maps/planet maps/planet data,  Fractal Mapper v8 – Design complex maps, great for world building, and The Keep 2.0 – Campaign manager)

The Keep 2.0 allows for you to track and consolidate information for multiple campaigns.  The Keep uses a tree-structure displayed on the left side of the program, collapseable, to display data.  It comes with a Character Sheet Designer that allows you to create  custom character sheets for any game.  It can create time-stamped logs for the GM to fill out what happened at each session.   It has the ability to create notes, links to websites, upload pictures or upload files and forms for each game into one easy to find location).    I have my party’s character sheets, all the custom forms from this website uploaded for easy location and printing as needed and links to various online websites I use to look things up or buy PDF’s.   I am going to soon be uploading campaign maps after annotating them showing player travels.

Another interesting feature, a free download is available called Inspiration Pad Pro 3.    IPP is a stand-alone program that ALSO integrates with The Keep.  It uses small scripts (many freely downloadable from NBOS) to generate names with RPG ‘feel’ or for real world nationalities.   I even found and added a script to generate a  5 card Tarot spread (using the Rider – Waite deck) with card graphics and interpretations.   Another I found generates random runic inscriptions.  You can, if you are a programmer, also write your own IPP scripts.

You can install it locally or to Google Drive and other online storage services to allow access from multiple computers AND to protect the data.  Internal backup options allow you to save a local copy as well, incremental or full-export.   The Keep 2.0 is a one-stop shop for those that want to eliminate paper as much as possible.  I can GM from my laptop if need be, having all the character info and PDF’s of the rulebooks.

Individual programs for sale, or (last I looked) there was a discounted all-in-one package with AstroSynthesis, Fractal Mapper and The Keep.


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