It has been a good week on the Dice front…

Did a bit of shopping this week, seems the current occupants of the dice collection were getting lonely so I invited over a few friends (and since I had not purchased dice in a while, I was feeling the need ). 🙂

From Gamescience, I got this set which is scheduled to land tomorrow (2/2).

I plan to ink the numbers in white, saw pictures on the internet with this set and white and it was very legible.     Also, purchased strictly for looks (I love the color and sharp edges)…having run my own chi-square testing, I do NOT buy into Gamescience’s bullshit about ‘energy absorbing sharp edges’ and ‘more precise than any other dice on the market’.   It’s all a load of crap spoon-fed to superstitious gamers in the past (by their rather charasmatic founder, Lou Zocchi) to the point of having become accepted folklore.

Next Up, we have the Icy Rocks glow-in-the-dark set by a chinese firm called Bescon.   I like the color in general, the fact it glows is just a bonus! 🙂

And now for a 12 piece set, also from Bescom, plus a d100 from them.   The set of 12 comes with d3, d4, d6, d8, d10, d%, d12, d20, d24, d30, d50 and d60.   Add in the d100 sold separately and you have their 13 piece box for $1.50 LESS cost.   Not sure why that is, but separate works for me!

Sadly, the Bescon dice (even though purchased through Amazon) are on a slow boat from China to the US with an arrival date of Feb 22 – March 15.   Hope it is closer to the first, but experience with ordering dice from China tends to point towards the latter…Apparently, instead of airplanes or ocean-going ships, they use ‘a Zeppelin bucking a headwind’* to ship to the states.

  • saw that quote on Facebook and had to steal it! 🙂

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