New File – AD&D 1e – Item Cards – III.D Rods, Staves, Wands

Continuing with 1st edition AD&D item cards, Section III.D Rods, Staves, Wands is now available. 30 cards covering the devices from the DMG, ready for duplex color printing, lamination and cutting out to make 3×5″ index cards.    Save some wear and tear on those old books.

I will be continuing to do the various items from the DMG and MAY do the ones presented in various modules.  I will not be doing artifacts and I will not be doing Unearthed Arcana as I find the entire book far too Monty Haul to be useful unless you want to unbalance a campaign or purposely WANT a munchkin-o-rama for a campaign.

The Gamemaster

A role-playing gamer / gamemaster since D&D / AD&D. Took a ‘brief’ hiatus from RPG gaming starting around the time AD&D 2e released in 1989 but came back to the hobby.

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