RPG Politically-Correct ‘humor’ isn’t funny…

I just do not understand modern RPers.   Take this crap meme….this is the mindset of folks on most gaming forums these days.

I fail to understand what is wrong with A) Being fearless, PCs are frigging heroes after all (unless you play the silly GrimDark bit) and B) Why killing everyone in the dungeon is a bad thing.   Being heroes, they are here to SLAY EVIL…WTF do modern gamers do?  Go there and ask them to tea then beg them nicely to leave the local area alone?  What is the point of diplomacy with evil?  If you DO talk them out of bothering the locals without getting brutally murdered, they just migrate off and set up shop somewhere else….real heroic, passing the problem off on someone else.   Or maybe they send assassins just for grins.  The ONLY smart move is to clear the dungeon.

To me, murderhobos are the players that slaughter shopkeepers, bartenders, farmers, folks that did nothing to them…basically randomly killing non-combatants for no real reason then migrating to another area to escape justice/vengence.   Killing MONSTERS and actively evil NPC’s is NOT being a murderhobo…it is being the HERO and defending those that cannot defend themselves.    When did the idea of actual combat become something to look down on in role-playing games?   Has everyone become politically-correct wimps or is it just the talkee-talkie brigade from those cringey Narrative / Storyteller games playing at being superior to mere RPGers? 

THIS is what an evil fortress or a dungeon should look like after the PC’s leave. 🙂


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