Item cards, the plans and next projects

I have finished sections IIIA, B, C, D, E.1 – E.5.   Left to go are armor and shields, armor and weapons.   I do not plan on doing the artifacts, since it is rare one is found, most of them would not fit on a 3″x5″ index card (unless the already tiny print became microscopic) and I really do not want to encourage Monty Haul campaigns.

I will try to finish the remaining sections of the item cards either this week or next, get them posted so that everyone that wants them can have the full set.

Next project, I am considering making my own version of the AD&D monster cards, since I can no longer find them at affordable prices (gee, thanks, eBay speculators and ‘collectors’ that buy and never use items).   Depending how how painful this turns out to be, I may or may not complete the task.


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