New Files: AD&D 1e Mundane Item Cards (PH and UA)

Two new files available for download.    Both contain informational file cards on Mundane Items characters may purchase.

First, the Player’s Handbook Mundane Item Cards.    Featuring armor, weapons, supplies and transport, the front shows name, type, cost and (if relevant) encumbrance in GP.   The back has AC’s, Damages, Ranges, Move rates, etc.   

Second, it is the Mundane Item cards from Unearthed Arcana.    These cards contain armor and weapons, no new generic items were added in the UA. For those that do not use UA, they are marked  (example: ‘Buckler  (UA)’) so they can be kept sorted out from the rest.

Player’s Handbook Cards and Unearthed Arcana Cards

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