Item Cards – III.B.2 Scrolls (UA) – Error corrected

When I was laminating my own set of scroll cards, I discovered I had borked one of the cards. Card #4 had two ‘Protection from Plants’ cards on the front (Card descriptions were correct on back). I corrected the second one to ‘Protection from Traps’ to match the back description. I’ve re-uploaded the file for download, but if you already have them downloaded and prefer not to download again, you may go to card #4 and on the bottom card change the word Plants to Traps (the fields are editable with adobe acrobat).

Sorry about the screwup. I am still working on the rest of the miscellaneous magic but will hopefully have it done over the holidays. Been distracted a bit making myself a set of Monster Cards for the Monster Manual (These will not be distributed due to the art).

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