My apologies to anyone that tried to access the site between 12/7 and 12/12.   I did not have auto-renew on the site and it was down.  Then when I turned it back on and it was renewed, the database that supports WordPress imploded.   I restored from backup, but that was not working.  Thankfully, the hosting company support rebuilt the database for me, so we are back up and running.   The only loss was the Forum I added a few hours before it went down which had not been backed up — everything else seems to have survived and is no functioning normally. Tomorrow night afterRead More →

Did a cleanup on the links section, removing a couple dead links and adding new ones in to several categories (Miniatures, Software, etc).  Also reformatted the listings to make it easier to read.    Also researching putting up a forum that integrates with WordPress.  My last forum was stand-alone and a pain to maintain.   I am also going to check link permissions…I think I may have set new users wrong by default and am preventing them from commenting, which was not the idea. UA Item Card update.  Finished up the Section on swords and dear gods but I never realized what an editing clusterf**k thatRead More →