Happy New Year! 2019!

For the new year, I resolve to try to, maybe…if I can stay focused…possibly…finish up some of my ongoing projects. 🙂   Vague? Yes.  But that is far more detailed than I usually come up with!

In the vein of projects, I have been working on my papercraft, and have about half the walls and gate done for my fantasy cemetery project.   Man, but do I hate building the same two pieces over and over.   Cemetery wall helped me make the decision to NEVER finish the wall around my village model  (40-something inches x 80-something inches) in favor of maintaining what little sanity I have left!

On a side-note, printing for gaming.    I picked up a new printer post-Christmas and would definitely recommend it!   Epson Color EcoTank ET-2750.     Uses ink tanks instead of cartridges, ink is a hella lot cheaper in big bottles than cartridges, it duplexes plain paper printing AND it can handle 110# Cardstock with no issue.    Just do not use more than 15-20 pages of cardstock in the rear feed to avoid jams.      Color is decent, printed out an elven cloister model and held one page up to the screen and could not tell the difference.   Granted for BIG print runs, I’d still do it on the color laser I have access to, but for small models and such, it is far, far less a hassle to do it at home.

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A role-playing gamer / gamemaster since D&D / AD&D. Took a ‘brief’ hiatus from RPG gaming starting around the time AD&D 2e released in 1989 but came back to the hobby.

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