Projects, projects, projects…

Trying to decide what to do for my next major project.   Have a few ideas and always welcoming input from readers.

  1. Farm Setup – House, barn, outbuildings and a few crop tiles on foamcore, something easily set up if players encounter a farm while travelling.
  2. Village setup – Few houses, maybe a blacksmith and a general store.   Size about a full sheet of foamcore, with ground/road tiles.
  3. The Inn of the Welcome Wench – The classic inn from the Village of Hommlet. 

#1 & 2 would be the easiest, as I have pre-existing models I can print out for the various buildings, as well as ground tiles to print.   #3 would take much more time, as I would have to research appearance in the module, create textures (inside and out) and set up the layout sheets to print and texture them.    As The Inn of the Welcome Wench / Hommlet holds a place in the memories of many people I have played with over the years, I may break down and do this one, even though it will be more time-consuming.       Anyone out there know where I can find decent (aka, not too realistic or too cartoonish) free or cheap textures like people use on papercraft building models?


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