On the paper minis front…

Kicked into high gear last week when work was down due to weather.   Rolled out all the figures for the module my players are in, and a whole lot more!    The cutter I mentioned in the last post makes it all possible….if I had to hand-cut them, no way in hades I would have done as many as I did!  Just flat out too time-consuming manual with scissors / knife unless you only need 1-2.   When you need 30, well, not so doable.     Here are a few pictures of the ones I was working on.

An assortment...

Picture 3 of 3

...of monsters, from slimes to ropers, from drow to hellhounds. :) I was especially glad to find the classic 1e Troll! Okum Arts does a lot of original versions, like goblins, bugbears and hobgoblins).

Still texture-surfing for the Inn build.    Not found a lot so far.   Wanted to find enough public domain one to release the final build as a freebie, but looks as if I may have to repurpose textures, which means for my own use and no sharing the build.


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