And now for some Traveller…

I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for Traveller by GDW (now called Classic Traveller).    Yeah, the technology is dated, but it is nice to have a world without the Deus Ex Machina of nanotech, or the superfast warp drives of Star Trek/Wars.     Only downside I see to it is combat.   I like a pretty even split between combat and non-combat in my games…RP is great, in moderation, same for Combat…but CT combat can be LETHAL fast, or at bare minimum, disable a character for quite some time.      I’ve been looking at Mongoose Traveller, v1.   Going to give it a read-through and see just how they handle combat.    Anyone had any experience with combat in Mongoose Traveller (preferably v1, but might consider v2)?

Also, in light of my new paper mini’s addiction,  Paper Mini’s for Traveller

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