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Over the summer, I managed to snag copies of some of my old-time favorites.   These were games I played in late HS and in college that were owned by friends, so when we all went our separate ways, I lost access to them.   Long out of print, I now have them courtesy of Noble Knight Games, located in Wisconsin and having a wonderful online site.    My Go-To for anything out of print or just not easily located in stores or other online shops.

First up….


Grav Ball by FASA



Futuristic combat / point-scoring game, created by FASA.   The box shows some wear and tear (about the same as those I purchased and still have on my shelves from the same era).   However, opening it another matter.    The table cards and the manual are clean and not creased.   Counters haven’t even been punched!    It also included the metal miniatures that can be used in place of the player counters.    Friend of mine and I played the hell out of this ages ago.   I’d been looking for it for literally DECADES, but pre-internet/early-internet, you could not find it….but with specialty stores like Noble Knight, I found it fast.


Planetbusters by Tom Wham

Planetbusters originally saw light as a mini-game in Dragon Magazine#64 (I still have the original, in a folder on my game shelves).    This was another one I played a fair amount.    Years later, Tom Wham expanded the game, balancing units and adding new ones, publishing it through TrollLord Games.      This is of  a much more recent vintage (though still out of print) than my other two purchases, so the box was pristine.    The folding card racks had not been folded and 90% of the cards were still attached to each other (the perforations were so fine, they tended to separate just picking them up).     Haven’t had a chance to play this new-expanded edition yet, but I am glad I managed to find it.


Mystic Woods by Avalon Hill

This is another oldie but goodie.  Cards are laid face down on the table, each player starts at one of two upturned cards (the earth gate).   Each player is a knight with a separate quest to perform, then move to the enchanted gate to exit and win.   The wood cards are shuffled and placed so each game, so each ‘map’ is different.

This being copyright 1980 is roughly 39 years old, and there is some minor damage to the corner of the box, but again, nothing worse than some of mine from the same timeframe that survived 3 major and 1 minor move.    Opened, the contents are near pristine.   It is clear this one was on the shelf far more than it was ever played…if it was ever played.


All in all, I am happy with my board game haul!    I HIGHLY recommend Noble Knight to anyone searching for older board and RPG games.  They even maintain a want list and will email when one of your desired games is back in stock.

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