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I was looking for a replacement for my GM screen…my Fat Dragon Ultimate GM Screen (looks like a castle wall/gatehouse with shelves) is nice, but takes up a lot of table real-estate and my Original AD&D 1e screen is just for AD&D and tends to fall over (even when I color photocopied it onto heavier cardstock and laminated)…so I was in the market for something different.      I ran across this….UGears Game Master’s Screen Wooden 3D Model Kit.



The first three pictures are from their website and provide a fair look at the fully assembled screens.   The fourth image, is the unboxing, shrink-wrapped laser cut wooden sheets, clearly labeled.    The last shows it fully asssembled and one of the ‘wings’ partially extended on the right.   In the center is a dice tower with arms that extend and interlock to form a dice corral.

The kit is well-made, the parts are fully cut and only small tabs hold them in.   Sandpaper is provided for removing the remainder of the tabs after removal from the sheet.   Wax is provided to ‘grease’ the sections that slide against each other.    Documentation is VERY good, pictures are clear and informative.    Parts fit tight, no glue required, so I’d recommend being 100% certain two parts connect before you attach them! Once printed, you can print custom inserts (4x) and attach them to the four panels it unfolds into.   For double sided inserts, set margins for at least 1.5″ due to the width of the wood borders.

Also included in every kit is a counter unit 99 to 00 (or the reverse, depending on which way you install the ‘click-lock’ piece located above the large gear (which is fixed) and inside the small gear (which turns) and under the top cap (fixed).   Sadly, they do not sell these separately (I emailed the manufacturer), as I was going to buy a kit for each player and party NPC to track effect durations.

They make several other game related items (dice tower, dice box) as well as various boxes, cars, safes, etc, all out of wood and all working mechanically.   Highly recommended!

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