On the board game front…. M.U.L.E.

An authorized board game version of the 1983 M.U.L.E for the Commodore 64.   This version of the game was published by a Finnish company, Lautapelit.fi, in 2015.   Retails at $65+ in the US, which is strange, since their website shows 39euros or $43.20 USD),   Happily, I managed snag a copy at $14.99 on Amazon.     

The game is slickly produced, good graphics on box, board, terrain cards, etc.    It is FAIRLY close to the computer game, as much as a board game can be.   Cards are nicely thick, so should hold up in play.  The same races and random events that were in the original computer game are in the board game.  Production counters are supplied, all painted wood cylinders of various sizes and colors to denote quantity and type.    Only mildly cheesy thing is that M.U.L.E. factory counters are just the same as the production counters, just a different color with a stick-on image of a M.U.L.E.   A few more cents for mass-produced counters that actually look like the factory on the box and in the computer games would have been nice.

It brought back a lot of memories of sitting at the C-64, old Atari Joystick in hand, trying to claim that desirable plot that just surveyed a ton of minerals.  Or cooperating with the other human player to drive commodity prices up to the point the computer players either cannot afford it or go broke trying to keep their miners running.   Much joy! 🙂


< Note – I will update the article with pictures,as soon as I get them off my phone. >

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