Software Review – Coat of Arms Designer Studio

Coat of Arms Design Studio by Inkwell Ideas ( is exactly what it says it is…a program that lets you design a Coat of Arms for your characters or kingdoms in RPGs.    It runs under Windows (I’ve ran it on 7 and 10) or as a java app.  The program is small, taking up little space on the drive, and loads fast.

Once loaded, there is a fair assortment of graphics (animals and symbols) as well as a full house of Divisions (with the original french names), Divisions, Mantling (Helm and Crowns), footer scroll with Motto and even supporters.    My first attempts were for a now-retired ranger PC.


So far, only found two errors…both reported to the programmer.   First the Chape’ and Chausse’ Divisions apparently corrupt the save file.   The other 10+ Divisions work fine.  Second, as you can see from the first and third images, sometimes the image goes off-center when you export it.    Neither are dealbreakers (for me)….I would give it a 4 of 5 stars rating…5 of 5 if the issues get fixed.

At a price point of $19.95 for a single-purpose program, it is a bit high, IMO, but I do not regret my purchase and would do it again in the same situation.

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