About Me


Name: The Gamemaster

Hobbies: 3D Printing, Board Games, Computer Games, Papercraft (for RPG’s), RPG’s and collecting / painting miniature figures.

Favorites – 

     Books: Sci-Fi and Fantasy. 
     Computer Games: No Man’s Sky, Minecraft, Elder Scrolls (single player & Online), FF XIV, Fallout 1-4.
     Music: Classic Rock, Comedy.
     Movies: Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit.
     Television: The Expanse, Good Omens, NCIS (and spinoffs), Star Trek reruns.

Languages: English

My motto of the Moment: Old is a state of mind…you cannot stop aging, but you do not have to be old.

A role-playing gamer  and game master since Basic D&D / AD&D back in my high school days.  Took a ‘brief’ (as in around 26 years, give or take) hiatus* from RPG gaming starting somewhere around the time AD&D 2e released in 1989 and got back into the hobby a few years ago.   Ended up with an AD&D campaign with a few of the folks I gamed with back in high school…and it has not lost its magic, not in the least.

Update:  The AD&D 1e campaign I DM will be 5 years old in April 2021!

I own and have played a lot of the first / early editions of many RPG’s still around today (and quite a few that are no longer published).    Favorites from the RPG games would be AD&D 1e, Champions / Hero System,  Justifiers, (WEG) Paranoia, (FASA) Star Trek and (Classic) Traveller.

Also been playing board games since the SPI / Metagaming MicroGames / Avalon Hill era.  Favorites among board games would be Blitzkreig, Ogre / GEV, Grav Ball, Planet Busters and Talisman.


* – While I was not playing for those years due to lack of time and other players, I still frequented hobby shops and bought games to read and figures to paint.  Some, I have still to play / paint.