I have been gaming since since somewhere around 1978-79. Started out with BX (Holmes) D&D, moved to BECMI and then AD&D 1e. I’ve also played a few games of the original white box D&D, 2e, 3.5e, and 5e, but came to the realization that AD&D was (for me) the best edition. It is not too simple like its predecessors, not changed to make Satanic Panic fundies happy by dropping Assassins and renaming Thieves to Rogues (2e+), not changed into a ‘book-of-the-month’ club (3.5 / 4e), and best of all…not changed to appeal to munchkins / millennials / power-trippers who want fantasy superheroes that cannot lose instead of a fantasy RPG (5e).

As far as other RPG games, I’ve played a lot of the Traditional RPG’s (I have no use for ‘narrative’ games like PBTA, Burning Wheel, Blades in the Dark, etc). Aftermath, Champions (1-4th Ed) Cyberpunk 2020, Gamma World, Justifiers RPG, Paranoia, Space 1889, Star Trek (FASA) , Top Secret, Traveller (Classic) and Torg, just to name a few of the ones I have played extensively. I have read many others that I bought and never got the chance to play. I have a similarly large collection of board games that I have never gotten to play or played only a few times.

I collect miniatures, and I used to paint them until my hands started to shake to the point it looked like I used a house paintbrush. Then I discovered paper minis! I’d been using paper buildings and ground terrain for years after pricing resin casts and realizing that the resin must be gold based from the cost per piece. Moved into 3D printing, and while I have an extensive collection of dungeon walls and village building STL sets, the time to print and then my inability to paint them keeps them limited to things I can print in the desired color and not have to paint. This site lets me share things I have created to make playing AD&D 1e easier, and share system-agnostic things like papercraft builds and 3D printed props.

Just a short favorite / least favorite list. Helps to understand what a person likes and does not like.

       Pet Peeves: People that think Rogue is spelled Rouge, people that bring their politics to the game table.

  • Favorite Dice: Sharp-Edged by anyone but GameScience
  • Least Favorite Dice: GameScience (Overpriced, not as random as claimed)
  • Favorite type of RPG: Traditional RPG’s
  • Least Favorite type of RPG: Narrative / Storyteller RPG’s
  • Favorite Fantasy RPG: AD&D 1e
  • Least Favorite Fantasy RPG: D&D 5e
  • Favorite Sci-Fi RPG: Traveller (Classic GDW)
  • Least Favorite Sci-Fi RPG: Star Trek (Modiphus) / Traveller 5 (Tie)
  • Favorite Post-Apocalyptic RPG: Gamma World 1 – 3rd edition
  • Least Favorite Post-Apocalyptic RPG: Apocalypse World
  • Favorite Board Game: Talisman
  • Least Favorite Board Game: Advanced Squad Leader
  • Favorite Card-Based Game: The Nuclear War Trilogy (Nuclear War, Escalation, Proliferation)
  • Least Favorite Card-Based Game: Magic – The Gathering
  • Favorite Gaming Podcast: None
  • Least Favorite Gaming Podcast: Critical Roll (allow me to say I LOATHE the GM, the players and their flying monkey fans who think CR is real D&D instead of what it is…voice actors putting on a show.
  • Favorite Gaming Personalities: Gary Gygax (RIP), Frank Mentzer, Tom Moldvay (RIP)
  • Least Favorite Gaming Personalities: Dave Arneson (RIP),  Matt Colville, Matt Mercer, Mearls & Crawford