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Update – Site (mostly) functional

From a technical standpoint, its working. Geoblocking program installed and working, failed login ban installed and working, robots.txt updated to stop PetalBot and Yandex bot from hammering the site with constant lookups.

From a content standpoint, the pictures I can find for both 3D printing and paper crafting are up in their respective galleries and working. The files are up, albeit crudely as read-only share to my Google Drive. I am still looking for a WordPress plugin I can use as a front-end to access them with more details. But regardless, the files have descriptive names so once again the spell cards and all the other forms are downloadable!


When Things Go Pear-Shaped: Website Refocus

While experimenting with subdomains and removing a gallery app, I managed to remove the main website database. And since the self-restore only works to restore existing but corrupt databases (you have to have the host restore deleted ones at $$$$), I had to rebuild.

So, with that in mind, I have decided to refocus the site, as I had been thinking of doing for quite a while now. Instead of all old or original gaming, or even a small subset of that, I am going to focus STRICTLY on the game I currently DM and will soon be playing, AD&D 1e. Also, I have become rather heavily involved in crafting for gaming (game agnostic) in the form of paper crafting and 3D printing so these will be featured here.

I will be rebuilding the files section to allow download of my AD&D 1e utility forms and cards (item and spell). May take some time, but I will have it back up eventually, so check back if you need something and do not see it up!

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