d120 and d48 Dice!

I collect dice, just started with my return to RPG Gaming.    Just larking around online looking for dice and this turned up!

The Dice Lab – d120 and d48


Absolutely and utterly useless in gaming, but to a collector, really frigging neat!    Wish Gamescience would re-release the Zoccihedron (d100) at a sane price, since just FINDING one on eBay is rare, and the price is always astronomical.

Dice Lab also offers a d60.   I can see more dice strangeness in my future.

Author: The Gamemaster

A role-playing gamer and game master since AD&D 1e back in my high school days. Took a 'brief' hiatus from gaming starting in the late 80's (as in around 28 years) and just recently started to get back into the hobby.

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