Back when I was in college and later, just graduated, I would go to a gaming convention not far from my college and within driving distance from home.   Founded and ran by NIGA (Northeastern Indiana Gamers Association) the con was called Pentacon.  


Turns out they are still around, just had their 32nd con in mid-November 2016 and are planning for the next year.  No idea how large it is nowdays, says several hundred attendees on their website so could be anything 200+…so it is smallish…which is good.   Wish I had known earlier, might have attended.   Always next year for the 33rd.   

PentaCon Website

This also got me thinking about game conventions.  So I looked up a few others I have been to or would like to attend and added a Links – Conventions page to this site.

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A role-playing gamer and game master since AD&D 1e back in my high school days. Took a 'brief' hiatus from gaming starting in the late 80's (as in around 28 years) and just recently started to get back into the hobby.

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