New File – AD&D 1e – Item Cards – III.D Rods, Staves, Wands

Continuing with 1st edition AD&D item cards, Section III.D Rods, Staves, Wands is now available. 30 cards covering the devices from the DMG, ready for duplex color printing, lamination and cutting out to make 3×5″ index cards.    Save some wear and tear on those old books.

I will be continuing to do the various items from the DMG and MAY do the ones presented in various modules.  I will not be doing artifacts and I will not be doing Unearthed Arcana as I find the entire book far too Monty Haul to be useful unless you want to unbalance a campaign or purposely WANT a munchkin-o-rama for a campaign.

New Files: AD&D 1e – Item Cards – III.B Scrolls and III.C Rings

Two more sections of the Item Cards added..   These are sets of index cards similar to my spell cards, except it is for items…items from table III.B and III.C in the DMG, aka – Scrolls and Rings. 

New File – AD&D 1e Character Generator v1.0A

Simple Visual Basic program created in Visual Studio  2018.   Program generates AD&D 1e Characters.  This was a project to reteach myself VB (first program I have written in over a decade).   It has the following features / missing features.

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New File: AD&D 1e – Item Cards – IIIA Potions

Added a new file tonight.   This is a set of index cards similar to my spell cards, except it is for items…items from table IIIA in the DMG, aka – Potions.    First of a set, I plan on doing item cards for all the magic items in the DMG *EXCEPT* artifacts.   (IMO, if you are giving away so many artifacts you need cards, well all I can say is you have a ‘Monty Haul’ style-campaign, and I won’t encourage that).

DIRECT LINK to the file on Google Drive (58mb), or download the link in a text file in the files section.

It has been a good week on the Dice front…

Did a bit of shopping this week, seems the current occupants of the dice collection were getting lonely so I invited over a few friends (and since I had not purchased dice in a while, I was feeling the need ). 🙂

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Review: The Keep 2.0, Campaign Management Software

Pointed out to me by a reader, I have published 2 character sheets (AD&D 1e and Classic Traveller) for The Keep 2.0, and mentioned it is a campaign manager, but never discussed it.   Well, now is as good a time as any to give it a brief review.

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Classic Traveller Character Sheet for The Keep 2.0

This character sheet was created for Classic Traveller (The GDW ‘Little Black Book’ version).    It requires The Keep 2.0, campaign management software from NBOS.    It is a duplicate of TAS Form 2, the character sheet from book 1.     Now available for download in the files section.


Ad&D 1e Character Sheet for The Keep 2.0

In my campaign, I use a program called The Keep 2.o by NBOS Software to keep track of character sheets and a notes on the campaign.   It can also be used to store maps and other documentation for later viewing and printing.

After I could not find an AD&D 1e Character Sheet, I used the character sheet creator (provided with The Keep) to create my own.   Roughly based off the original goldenrod character sheet (that was front and back), I expanded it to 3 pages…page 1 is Stats, Saves, and Thieving Skills — Page 2 is Items, HP rolls and Armor/Weapons—Page 3 has languages know and Campaign Notes.   

It has been uploaded to the File Download section of this website.  The Sheet is not protected, so you can load it into the Designer and make any modifications you may need or want.

Coming Soon: Stand-Alone AD&D 1st Ed Character Generator

Only decent 1e Character Generators I could find were online, and of the three I bookmarked, 2 disappeared in the last year as sites went down.  So, I decided to code my own, with the added benefit of brushing up on coding that I hadn’t touched in a decade or more.

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Recent Files Added

Added a few things since thanksgiving, the holiday time-off being good for getting RPG work done. 🙂   All the forms are AD&D 1e.

  • 11/27 – Situational Spell Load-Out Form — Add-on for my printable spellbook, use as a way to keep track of individual memorizations based on situations like Dungeons, Cities, Overland, Caverns, etc.
  • 12/29 – Carolingia Font — Nice pseudo-medieval/fantasy font that is FAR easier to read than Old English.  Good for maps and handouts.
  • 12/30 – Party XP – XP Needed – Gold Form — Allows the DM to keep a running total at each XP distribution.   Acts as a backup check to player math and  gives the party an overview of where every character stands towards next level and wealth.