New D&D == Munchkin RPing becomes the system

A friend that plays 4th ed emailed this to me. It is from quite a few years back, which would place the author in the 4e era of ‘D&D for those that never wish to lose.’  Read the blog post at THIS LINK, then my responses.

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New files: Spreadsheets for AD&D 1e

Today, I added two spreadsheets for AD&D 1e players and GMs.

The first is the ‘Basic Items Shopping Costs’ spreadsheet.  It allows equipping a new level 1 character, or a higher level buying basic items, to select items and quantity from the item types available in the rulebooks.  It then totals the item costs by type totals and complete totals.   A coin conversion calculator is included on the totals page.

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Do dice towers help with randomization?

For my own part, I have always felt Dice towers helped with randomization.  At a bare minimum they prevented player manipulation (I knew a few folks in college that rolled really well, above average in fact, until the introduction of a dice tower) and I suspected the abrupt stop of the dice prevented them from rolling till they found their center of gravity…which if they were off-balance… would lead to skewed rolls.

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