WebSite: reCapcha Added to Registration

I turned the user registration on early Monday…by Tuesday AM, the spammers had arrived and created dozens of users ALL of the  format.   No user names, no first/last name, nothing about the user…just identically formatted phony names.

Since I have to approve registrations and I run Askimet to get rid of the ‘you have wonderful site…my email is (some spam ad site)’ posts, not sure what that gets them, but it fills my user list with trash.   So I added reCaptcha to the registration and contacts page.

When you register, please at least fill in the first name field (I don’t care if you use an alias) that way I know I am dealing with a human instead of a registration bot.

Author: The Gamemaster

A role-playing gamer and game master since AD&D 1e back in my high school days. Took a 'brief' hiatus from gaming starting in the late 80's (as in around 28 years) and just recently started to get back into the hobby.

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