New File: AD&D 1e – Magic-User Spell Cards (UA) – Lvl 1-9

After some time, the last of the Unearthed Arcana updated spells have been posted in the files section!    Contains all the spells from modules such as Crystalbrittle (D-Series) and new spells as written up in the Unearthed Arcana rulebook

Just print duplex, laminate (Optional) and cut out to finish off your magic-user deck!

Announcement: AD&D 1e – Magic-User Spell Cards – Lvl 1-9 Completed!

Finished the Magic-User spell Cards.   Unfortunately, they are too large to upload to this site (a bit over 1.2 GB).   I have uploaded them to my Google Drive instead.   Click on the Picture below to download the cards.

New File: Magic-User’s Spellbook

Front and back cover art, plus 9 form pages for recording known spells in the magic-user’s spellbook.  PDF file, just open and print as many spellbooks as needed.  Drop a couple pages and perfect for that illusionist in your group.

Direct Link: