New File: Spreadsheet

I have uploaded a spreadsheet that automates the Treasure Type table, as found in the Monster Manual, Appendix page 105.  Just click the button beneath the table to regenerate the table.

Written in Excel 2010, it has ONE macro which is connected to the button and refreshes the sheet.   Sheets and workbook are protected to prevent accidental deletion of formulas.

New files: Spreadsheets for AD&D 1e

Today, I added two spreadsheets for AD&D 1e players and GMs.

The first is the ‘Basic Items Shopping Costs’ spreadsheet.  It allows equipping a new level 1 character, or a higher level buying basic items, to select items and quantity from the item types available in the rulebooks.  It then totals the item costs by type totals and complete totals.   A coin conversion calculator is included on the totals page.

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