This brings back memories… :)

While I normally do not like things where animals might have gotten hurt, this one brings back memories…  

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Long ago, there was a gnome Illusionist/Thief who shall remain nameless…  While adventuring in the module S1 – Tomb of Horrors, the party encountered a room with figures holding up colored disks painted on a walls.   Our stalwart party, having arrived via one of those disks   from another room (some were illusion-hidden portals to other locations in the tomb), looks around and set a world record at conclusion-jumping ‘Oh!  Those disks are portals’.  

One was up and out of reach for short people, so they boost the aforementioned gnome up and through….only they weren’t all portals, some were just colored disks on the wall…and no one (including the Illusionist/thief) checked first.  The conversation went something like this…

‘Hey <redacted>!  We’ll boost you up, and you can check the other side!’

Apparently that Gnome reincarnated as a cat! 🙂

Author: The Gamemaster

A role-playing gamer and game master since AD&D 1e back in my high school days. Took a 'brief' hiatus from gaming starting in the late 80's (as in around 28 years) and just recently started to get back into the hobby.

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