I added 9 more fantasy fonts for those that like to print out handouts for their campaigns. Perhaps they can save a time-pressed DM from having to hand-write the various notes and things players find.

  • Adine-Kimberg – A nice handwritten, cursive font
  • Angerthas Moria – Tolkien’s Dwarven Runes
  • Blackletter – A solid, decorative font reminiscent of Germanic text.
  • Celtic – Knotwork decorated capitals highlight this font.
  • Fantasy Clip Art 1 & 2 – Symbols, items, monsters, etc.
  • Futhark – The original Norse runes.
  • Olde English – The mainstay of fantasy. Good for proclamations and signs.
  • Tengar Quenya – Tolkien’s Elvish script.

I have also updated the links section, adding a few more sites I have dealt with, and sections for System Neutral game accessories / software and Virtual Tabletops.