While experimenting with subdomains and removing a gallery app, I managed to remove the main website database. And since the self-restore only works to restore existing but corrupt databases (you have to have the host restore deleted ones at $$$$), I had to rebuild.

So, with that in mind, I have decided to refocus the site, as I had been thinking of doing for quite a while now. Instead of all old or original gaming, or even a small subset of that, I am going to focus STRICTLY on the game I currently DM and will soon be playing, AD&D 1e. Also, I have become rather heavily involved in crafting for gaming (game agnostic) in the form of paper crafting and 3D printing so these will be featured here.

I will be rebuilding the files section to allow download of my AD&D 1e utility forms and cards (item and spell). May take some time, but I will have it back up eventually, so check back if you need something and do not see it up!